Pick Fresh Blueberries

 Not open Sunday or Monday for picking. Not many blueberries left…need a few more days to ripen. We are also seeing a lot of birds, so they may not even get to the point of needing to be picked.

Self-serve $15 you-pick baskets/ $7.50 half baskets. No other discounts apply. Use these guidelines to guesstimate the cost. (Bring exact cash or check only as it will be on the honor system) Blackberries are at the end of their season so there are not many left, but there are blueberries to pick. Best picking will be half way down the rows through the ends of the rows, between the red flags.

Please call 615-556-4030 for information.

*Please note the location is different than our farm store*

Our Blueberry and Blackberry patch is located at 3250 Wilkinson Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, The Grove at Williamson Place. Some mapping systems do not recognize this address and will try to bring you in the entrance on Medical Center Parkway, however the gates are permanently closed. Wilkinson Pike is a Road off Thompson Lane, or off Gresham Park Drive off Medical Center. The road runs directly behind the Rutherford Co. Chamber of Commerce. Both types of berry bushes were planted in 2015, so this year (2018) will be their fourth  season of fruit production.   There are 3 acres of blueberries and 1 acre of thornless blackberry bushes. Easy to pick! Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, as there is a lot of ground to cover especially if you wish to pick both kinds of berries. We do not recommend wearing sandals or flip flops.  Forms of payment accepted are credit cards, cash, and checks. Containers are provided, and we do offer a discount with our returned bucket container from previous seasons with a $10 minimum berry purchase.  Prices are $4.00/lb for u-pick and $5.00/lb prepicked.

Contact Facebook for more information or above number.