As graduates of the National Pork Quality Assurance Plus program, Batey Farms takes the care of its animals extremely important.  It is about more than the bottom line for us here on the farm.  It’s about a higher belief of due diligence and stewardship for the animals in which we have been blessed to care for.

Did you know that a pig can not sweat?

  • In fact that is one of the main reasons for pigs being housed in barns today.  Thru proper barn management pigs can enjoy a clean, comfortable and cool climate in which to live in.

Pigs are bullies?

  • If left alone in an unconfined area, mother pigs called “sows” will become very aggressive in nature.  Bully sows will emerge amongst the group and they will “hog” all of the feed and the weaker, less dominant natured sows will be left malnourished over time and become more susceptible to disease and illness.